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Non-Surgical Brow Lift


plastic surgery 8 200 Non Surgical Brow Lift plastic surgery 8 200 Non Surgical Brow Lift
Before Non-Surgical Brow Lift After Non-Surgical Brow Lift


There are some non-surgical techniques that can be used to lift the brow and get results that are similar to surgical brow lifts or forehead lifts. These are:

  1. Botox Injections – Small amounts of Botox® injected directly into the outer area of the eyebrow will relax the muscles that depress (pull down) the Eye Brows. This results in an elevation of the brow similar to what happens with a suture suspension Brow Lift. The effects usually last 3-6 months but the procedure is quick, safe and as simple to perform as other injectable treatments. Botox may also be used to soften the lines and wrinkles of the Forehead, another similar effect to having a surgical brow lift.
  2. Shaping, plucking, and using permanent makeup to “raise” the eyebrows to a higher, more aesthetically-pleasing position.

Both of the methods above can be effective in re-positioning the eyebrows higher to have a similar effect when compared to a Brow Lift. While these methods do not actually raise the browline, they do give the illusion of the forehead being lifted. * A Thread Lift (sometimes called a “Feather Lift”) is a revolutionary way to combat the signs of aging. This non-surgical procedure lifts and tightens sagging foreheads with less time and money than a surgical browlift. In this procedure, specially designed threads are inserted below the skin through a hollow needle. The needle is then removed, leaving only the threads in. These threads are textured so they grab and hold the skin in a tighter, more youthful position. They stay in permanently but can be removed at any time, if desired.

This procedure takes less than one hour and downtime is minimal, if there is any at all. Some patients experience mild swelling (although much less than with a traditional brow lift) which can last up to a week or so. Tape will be applied over the thread sites and should stay in place for several days, as advised by your MDC physician. You can immediately wash your face and/or wear make-up as long as you are careful to keep the tape on, and there are no incisions or scars. Results are immediate and continue to improve with time as the body produces collagen around the threads. How much improvement can you expect? We usually see 30-60% improvement in most cases.

While you are not treating incisions after having this procedure, it is very important not to press or rub over the threads for at least 3 weeks and to avoid sleeping on your face for about 1 week. The results are permanent, however, your skin does continue to age, so typically we figure several years, at which time more threads can be added.General Recovery Information:

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